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2019 Share the Love T-Shirt Winners List (1)

James Patterson a.k.a. Cowboy
7 months agoFebruary 21, 2019
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Why I love Mohawk is because of my experience, I began working at Mohawk on 1-27-14 and on 3-5-14 I was driving to Fair Play,SC when on my way there I had a pancreatic attack. I knew something was wrong so I started calling dispatch and my wife. At the time I was working for local on D shift. I pulled into the scales off I-85nb just before SC. Where I was transported by ambulance to a local hospital. My supervisors and everyone at Mohawk stay in touch with me and my family. I was at the local hospital for three days and then I was transported to Northeast Medical hospital in Gainesville,Ga. They put me in a commercial and on life support. Spent three weeks in a coma, where they shaved my beard so they could run central lines and dialysis. My right lung collapsed and I had a right paralyzed vocal chords. They also put me on a ventilator and which final had to do a trachea in my throat. Several pints of blood was given to me. I to wear special boots on my feet. I stopped breathing twice and had a feeding tube in my nose. Remember I went in the hospital on 3-5-14 and came out on 4-3-14 my insurance just went into effect on 4-1-14. Mohawk payed my insurance til I was able to get back at work. Came back on July 4th weekend and took two weeks of insurance out a week til I got caught back up. That's just something you don't hear about where I hadn't even been here thirty days. Now I have just made five years this past January. I am in the OTR department now. I have done a lot since I came back from Local, P&D delivers, tanker, pulled flat bed moving equipment from plant to plant. The jobs are endless of what you can do at Mohawk. Thank you Mohawk wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for you.
Linda Davis
6 months agoMarch 11, 2019
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I  Still  haven't  gotten  my  shirt  !
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